Friday, April 10, 2009

What is your Baby's Name?

Caitlin, the ultrasound tech I work with at Prenatal Peek is so impatient that she insisted we take a peek at baby yesterday. He looks good, but is not showing his face!! Fun at work!

I made a deal with my husband that when we had children I would get to name the girls and he gets to name the boys... So I have only 9 weeks to go and my husband tells me that he is not sure what the name will be, but he is also not offering any suggestions or allowing me to offer my suggestions. I told our good friend who is an attorney and he told me I needed to retain him as counsel so I could recant my prior agreement. Kelii said he would tell me in the hospital.

So what do people ask you when you are having a baby? Oh what are you going to name him... I don't know? and I have no say? Is this crazy or what?


Karen and Dave said...

I think the mother should always have a say...we have to do the pushing! Good Luck :) !!

k. lee said...

We need a new battle strategy. ;) Love the ultrasound pics and love you! Miss ya, girl!

Jenn Douglas said...

That is funny about the name thing! Bryce and I are expecting a little boy 1st of October and we trying to come up with a name right now! lot of fun!

Courtney and Matt said...

I vote for MO!
little Moses Kalii Unga would be so cute!! I meet so many men on the island here named Moses!

Jhon said...

I think the mother should always have a say.. Love the ultrasound pics.

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