Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lucci's 2nd Birthday

Kelii thanking everyone and Lucci patiently waiting to begin eating... MMMM GOOD FOOD!
Lucci with her cousin Baby Jack.... She loves him so much she asks to see him all the time.
Lucci is obsessed with Dora the Explorer.... She got a package in the mail from Pappa and Nanna Overson and was so excited when she opened it to find... A new Dora Swimsuit, a Dora towell, and Dora books. She immediately began trying to put her swimsuit on and she wore it all morning until the party!


Calley said...

Happy birthday Lucci! What a beautiful little girl :)

oodlesofoversons said...

She's so cute! Can you believe our babies are two?? Time flies! Hope you are doing well. We love and miss you guys!

Jhon said...

She is very beautiful little girl, Belated Happy Birthday, Good pictures.

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