Friday, January 2, 2009

December Birthdays... Okay I am WAY Late!


Many of you don't know my Sister Hillary, but many do and for those of you who do you will understand why I had to give some Praise to this woman... First we have shared many things together, December Birthdays is one of them, Her birthday was December 17th. We have shared a room, a bed, toys, clothes, sports equipment, goals, books, ideas, recipes, wisdom, laughter, cold mornings running and most of all fun! She is my Big Sister and someone I have always looked up to in life. She was a honor roll student in High School and pushed me to do better in my classes. She always seemed to do what is right which didn't help me during my teenage years.. I was the one who was always in trouble.. so thank goodness for Stephanie, my little sister:-)..

She is the one who we called MOM.. for good and bad reasons. But the one thing I can tell you about my sister is that she always thinks of other people and ways to do special things for them. I can remember numerous times coming home from my last game or on my birthday to see my room decorated and candy or flowers on my bed with a note from Hillary telling me how proud she was of me and how much she loved me.

During my cancer treatments she once again showed up on many occasions to see how I was doing and she even came with me to my treatments. During that time of my life many of my friends seemed to disappear, but those I consider my best friends were always there. I love you Hill and can't thank you enough for your advice, your example and for being my Sister. I truly believe we are Sisters by chance, friends by choice!

For all of you who have a December Birthday I want to give you a SHOUT OUT!! I have one and this year was the BIG 30! Can you believe it? Me 30? Well I made it this far... So hopefully there are more to come...

I have to give some big THANKS to my husband for putting together a 30 Year old Birthday Bash with his family. It was so much fun! He planned it, cooked the food and we had a great time. It was everything I wanted for my Birthday. Except I wish my family could have come... Thanks to everyone who contributed!


Vaitai 6 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT! I hope you had an enjoyable 30th b-day! Man, we are SO OLD!!! It was nice to see all these pics! It's wonderful to have such a great example for an older sister! Love you!

Hillary said...

You can tell I haven't checked the blog for a few days. I just want to say thanks and let you know I love you. I am proud of you and all the things you are doing. You can always call me Mom. You're a great sister and I do agree, Sisters by chance, friends by choice. Love you!